How to Choose a Dining Room Chair

How to Choose a Dining Room Chair

You have your new dining room table all set up and ready to go!  Now you have to consider the chairs that go along with the table.  How many chairs would comfortably fit to your table?  What materials should you use?  Will the chairs have seat cushions on them or not?  How many people would you normally seat during dinner in your home?  Will the chairs mesh well with the table and the room itself and not look out of place?  These are all pertinent questions to ask yourself when considering your dining chair purchase.

The basis for this guide is to answer the question of how to choose the best dining chairs for your room.  We will give you tips to buy the best dining room chairs along with some other tidbits and advice that will help you get it right the first time!

Measure Around Your Table

It’s a good idea to break out the measuring tape and get a good measurement of how much room exists around your table.  You can use this information to deduce how many chairs you would be able to fit comfortably around the table.  Nobody wants so many chairs squeezed together that you have to file a grievance just to get up from the table to use the restroom!  So, get your measurements correct and do some simple math to figure out how many chairs you would need.


What’s the overall theme of your dining room?  Is it a light theme?  Bohemian?  Industrial?  If you have a theme already mapped out for the dining room and you’ve purchased the table to fit along with this theme, then the chairs should also follow suit.  Match your dining chairs to fit as closely with this theme as possible.  There are more tips to help buy dining room chairs below.

Dining Room Chair

Chair Materials

What’s the dining room chairs going to be made out of?  This can also partially match up with your dining room table.  If the table is partially wrought-iron and wood, you can also match this with chairs made out of wrought-iron and wood.  Keep in mind, different materials will require different accessories to go along with it.  Nobody wants to sit on a cold hard steel chair!  For steel chairs, you should have a seat cushion that sits atop it for maximum comfort.  You also have to factor in how well the material cleans.  For instance, plastic does a better job of being able to pick up crumbs and stains easily, compared to metal or wood.  Common sense will go a long way here to make the best dining room chair purchase possible.

Easily Stackable?

This facet is vitally important for large dining room tables, as there will be many chairs that will have to be moved to clean the carpet beneath.  Sometimes, you won’t need all of your dining chairs for a family function or just a simple dinner with a couple of people.  You don’t want all of those extra chairs just sitting there in the way.  Having dining room chairs that can be easily stacked is a great help in these situations, as you can easily put them in an adjoining room out of sight.


How durable will the material of the chair be over time?  This is also an important factor to consider when purchasing dining room chairs.  Think of how much you’ll actually use these chairs, you’ll use them nearly every day!  Having people constantly using and sitting on the chairs will put massive amounts of stress on the chair legs over a long period of time.  The quality of the materials must be up for the task and again, common sense should be your guide here.  For instance, chairs with skinny wooden legs may not hold up over time compared to a chair with steel legs.  This facet of durability is even more important if you have larger guests or family members who will use the chair a lot over time.


As you can see, dining room chairs are a little more complex than one would think.  You need to do your due diligence and make sure that your chairs will not only fit your decor and style, but also hold up in the long run.  These are just some of the tips to buy the best dining room chairs that will help you on your quest for that perfect dining room setup.  You can learn more about dining room chairs and what to look for on bestbuy-furniture