Tips To Designing a Timeless Kids Bedroom

Tips To Designing a Timeless Kids Bedroom

Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating, designing a kid’s bedroom can be a lot of fun. But it’s important to keep in mind that this room will need to grow with your child, so it’s best to avoid trendy designs and stick with classic styles that will never go out of fashion. Here are a few tips for designing a timeless kid’s bedroom.

1. Mix and match patterns

The easiest way to ensure a timeless kid’s bedroom design is to mix and match rather than opt for a “matchy-matchy” look, where everything matches perfectly. Patterns add interest and can create a classy style without going overboard on accessories or lighting. If your kids don’t like it when things are too matchy-matchy, this is the perfect way to let them have a little bit of input into the design process.

2. Use classic colours

Colors like blue, green, and grey will never go out of fashion and can be used in any type of bedroom design. These colors are especially versatile for kids’ bedrooms because they can be tweaked to match any gender. If you’re not sure what colors to choose, opt for a light neutral like beige or white and add pops of color with accessories.

3. Choose the right furniture

Children’s furniture has come a long way in recent years, but you should still choose pieces that are built to last. Instead of buying trendy kids’ bedroom sets, invest in classic, timeless furniture like bunk beds or an upholstered headboard. When it comes to chairs and tables, it’s best to stick with wood pieces because they’ll hold up better than plastic furniture.

For even more durability, opt for dark woods like cherry or espresso rather than light-colored pine or oak. Make sure the furniture is well-constructed and high-quality by checking reviews online and reading customer comments before you buy.

4. Maximize storage

Storage is an essential aspect of kids’ bedrooms, both for playtime and sleeps time. This can be difficult to do when you’re working with a small space, so maximize the amount of storage by using ottomans that can double as seating or footstools and beds with storage drawers underneath. If your child’s bedroom has a closet, consider putting his clothes underneath the bed so you can free up some space with stacked drawers or storage boxes.

5. Use two different rugs

Since kids’ bedrooms usually have neutral colors, it can be tough to make a room feel like it has personality without using accessories like wallpaper, wall stencils, and bright lighting. One fun way to accomplish this is to use two different rugs. This will cut the amount of floor space you need to cover dramatically, but it will also give your kid’s bedroom a unique design that they’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

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6. Use lighting strategically

Another tip to create a timeless kid’s bedroom design is to use the right lighting. Lighting doesn’t have to be boring or predictable, especially in kids’ bedrooms. You can use lighting to set the mood, highlight certain features in the room or just add some fun and personality. If you’re looking for a timeless design, opt for classic light fixtures like pendants or chandeliers. These will never go out of style and can be used in any type of bedroom design.

7. Add personal touches

One of the best ways to make a kids’ bedroom feel like home is to add personal touches. This can be anything from family photos on the wall to the artwork that your child has created himself. It’s also a great idea to use bedding and accessories that reflect your child’s personality. If your kid loves cars, for example, you could add a car-shaped lamp or a racing-themed comforter.

8. Use soft furnishings

Soft furnishings like rugs, curtains, and bedding can add a lot of personality to a kid’s bedroom without making it look too childish. They also provide comfort and insulation, which is especially important in bedrooms where your child will be spending a lot of time sleeping. If you need some guidance for choosing soft furnishings, you can always hire a designer. Many companies produce ready-made designs suitable for all types of bedrooms, so if your child’s bedroom feels too bland or sterile, they might be able to help.

Designing kids’ rooms are never easy, but by using some of these tips, you can create a timeless kid’s bedroom design that will be loved and enjoyed by your child for years to come. Remember to add personal touches, use soft furnishings and lighting strategically, and choose classic colors and shapes. With a little b