Fern Double Bed Frame


Fern Double Bed Frame



Fern range of  bedroom furniture made of rubber wood with MDF board. It is supported by a strong solid timer slats with central supporter and support legs. This stylish and unisex design will suits for any one. The mattress and bedding are not including.


  • Single $429.00
  • King single $469.00
  • Queen $599.00
  • King $699.00
  • Bedside $249.00
  • Tallboy $699.00
  • Dresser & Mirror $899.00


  • Single 2000L x 1010W x 910H
  • King single 2120L x 1160W x 910H
  • Double 2000L x 1480W x 1040H
  • Queen 2120L x 1595Wx 1040H
  • King 2120L x 1895W x 1040H
  • Bedside 515W x 395D x 555H
  • Tallboy 900W x 430D x 1080H
  • Dresser & mirror 1500W x 405D x 1890H